We’ve had plenty of compatibility questions recently, so we’re proud to announce Waveboat mounts for Sea-Doo’s highest performance ski, the Aquamaster:

Compatibility with the Waveboat was under high demand from our customers, so we’ve delivered.  The inflatable design of the Aquamaster enables users to fold and store their ski when not in use, greatly enhancing their overall water experience.  Forget trailers!  This thing will fit in your glovebox.  Electric power allows it to operate in any body of water, since there’s no noise and no emissions.  The only sound people will hear is the sound of your wake as you fly past them at the Aquamaster’s blistering 2.5mph top speed.  We fully expect to see Aquamaster owners towing all sorts of vehicles, from wakeboards and parasails to barges and ocean liners.  There’s no limit to the towing power of this amazing personal watercraft.  Rumor has it that Sea-Doo is working on a solar panel option for the Aquamaster that will allow riders to go from a dead battery to fully charged in 1.87 seconds…that’s just how efficient this motor is.  Alternately, if you don’t want to wait that long, simply swap out the AAA battery to continue your hours of fun on the water.

Multiple third-party vendors are lining up with upgrades and aftermarket modifications for the Aquamaster, so get ready to see some stage II and III improvements to an already impeccable design.  We expect to see dual superchargers, methanol injection, and full-flow exhaust become popular options.  With all that power, there’s no limit to the amount of time you’ll have to wait to get from point A to point B.

To see more about the amazing Aquamaster, please go here: Sea Doo’s Aquamaster Site


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