After being on the water testing for the past few days, we’ve come to the conclusion that the demo boat is ready for…demo’ing.

The Waveboat has already proven itself to be quite a show-stopper at the local launch.  People see it running and still don’t believe it.  It’s been a hit with young and old.  The strengths of the Waveboat design seem to best fit families with young children, as it makes sharing the water experience with them much, much easier than on a PWC alone.  Kids are particularly fascinated with the GPS and its fish-finding capacities.  While that’s not new to boats, it’s not something you see on a PWC every day.

Docking and undocking our PWC’s on the water really is as easy as you see in the videos.  Put your ski in reverse and give it one good shove.  That’s all it takes.  Docking is even easier, and we’ve even done it in choppy water (that was fun).  Simply line up the ski with the opening on the back of the Waveboat and glide right in.  We usually have to give it just a little gas to get the nose of the ski up to the bumper on the Waveboat, but that’s good.  It indicates there will be no side-to-side play in the bumpers that hold the ski.

We’re continuing to work on the design of the Waveboat itself to make it even better.  Stay tuned for some interesting findings.

If you’d like to see the Waveboat in action, please let us know!  We’d love to take you out on the water.


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